NBA Debit Card We are proud to offer our customers the NBA Debit Card by MasterCard. It looks like a credit card, but it works like a check.

Instead of using your charge cards, paying with cash, or writing a check, you can use your NBA Debit Card to make purchases or obtain cash withdrawals wherever credit cards are accepted around the world.

Since the NBA Debit Card is a debit card, your purchases and cash withdrawals are deducted from your National Bank of Andrews checking account.

For added security, your NBA Debit Card comes with a personal identification number (PIN), which is known only to you.

For added convenience you may use your NBA Debit Card at ATMs for cash withdrawals from your checking account.

Please call us at 432-523-6800 for details or if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you.

For Cardholder Use

Call Menu Options

Function Number Notes
Card Activation & PIN Change 833-990-0770

The existing phone number on the activation sticker still works and is transferring to this new number. Cardholders will be prompted to enter their card number twice during activation.

If you wish to update your internal IVR, you may use this new direct number. Then cardholder will only be prompted to enter the card number one time.

Lost/Stolen 833-933-1681
812-647-9794 (International)
To report a lost or stolen card. Live agents 24/7.
Debit Call Center Support 501-246-8497
866-207-9154 (International)
This number transfers callers to the FIS Contact Center rather than the Worldpay Contact Center. FIS agents can provide the same empowerments as the Worldpay agents. Available 24/7.