Mobile Deposit Service FAQs

Q: What is Mobile Deposit?
A: Mobile Deposit, available through the National Bank of Andrews Mobile app, lets you make a deposit from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone by taking a picture of your check.

Q: How do I sign up for Mobile Banking Mobile?
A: Log in to your National Bank of Andrews’ app., Click on the Menu icon on the top left, and select “Mobile Deposit”.
First time users are required to contact the bank for access. Our customer service representatives will review your request and contact you with final details.

Q: How do I use Mobile Deposit?
A: To use this feature follow these steps:

  • From the Mobile App Account Summary screen select the menu option on the top left.
  • Select “Mobile Deposit”.
  • Select the “Deposit Check”.
  • Account section will auto select to “Primary”.
  • Enter the amount of your deposit, and add a Memo if needed.
  • Select “Take Pictures”.
  • Make sure the front of your check is clearly visible, select "Front Image" to snap a picture of your check, and select “Use”
  • Ensure the back of your check is visible, that it has been signed, and the words “for deposit only”, are at the top of the check. Select "Back Image" to snap an image of the reverse side of the check, and select “Use”.
  • Select "Process Images" to review the accuracy of your deposit.
  • Select "Submit" to complete the deposit of the check to your account.

Q: Why am I being told there is a “Deposit Error”?
A: To improve the image quality of the check, ensure the following:

  • There is a strong wireless Internet connection,
  • The picture, including your signature, is clear
  • All four corners of the check are showing
  • The lighting is strong enough to see the check details
  • Your check is placed on a dark background
  • The picture is taken from directly above the check and holding the camera very still

Q: Which accounts can I use to make deposits?
A: Any depository accounts that you have tied to the same username that you are accessing to make the deposit. If there is an account that you don’t have access to, or would like to view, please sign in online and access the “Add Account” link at the top of the page.

Q: What are the limits for the number and dollar amount of deposits?
A: Deposits are limited to 3 items per business day with an aggregated total amount limit of $3,000.00 (USD)

Q: What is the deposit cut-off time for Mobile Deposit?
A: The deposit cut-off time is 2:30 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. If you submit a deposit after 2:30p.m. — or on a non-business day or holiday — your deposit will be processed the next business day.

Q: Should I take a picture of the front and back of my check?
A: Yes. Both images are required to make the deposit.

Q: Do I need to sign the back of my check?
A: Yes. Please sign the back of your check, include your account number and write "for deposit only”.

Q: Which smartphones or devices work with Mobile Deposit?
A: Mobile Deposit supports:

  • iPhone
  • iPad (Mobile Deposit requires a camera to function correctly)
  • Android (phones and tablets)

Q: How much does it cost to deposit checks using Mobile Deposit?
A: Mobile Deposit is a FREE service when banking at the National Bank of Andrews. However, mobile deposit is an additional service the National Bank of Andrews provides to its loyal customers. Violation of this service will result in mobile deposit forfeiture to the user.

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