NBA Overdraft Privilege

If you were making a list of "Life's Most Embarrassing Moments", we're sure somewhere on the list would be writing a "hot" check. At NBA, we are offering you peace of mind. Have you ever been short of funds and needed to:

  • Cover that unexpected expense?
  • Buy groceries on a Tuesday but your paycheck isn't due until Friday?
  • Had a fainting spell when you discovered you've made an error in your check book?
WHATEVER THE REASON, you are protected with the NBA Overdraft Privilege on your account!

Building customers for a lifetime is our goal. That is why we continue to offer services that help make your life easier, like NBA Overdraft Privilege. We've got you covered! Overdraft Privilege is available on all personal checking accounts for household purposes. Money Market accounts and Student Accounts are excluded.

The amount of each overdraft, including our overdraft charge of $25.00 (per item) that you owe us, shall be due and payable within 30 days. Once you have reached your overdraft limit, debits coming into your account will be returned.
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